Deploy PWA in Project Server 2016 Beta 2

Creating a PWA Site is different in Project Server 2016.

Project Server 2016 is now included in SharePoint Server 2016 installation. There is no additional setup anymore.

  1. Create the Project Server Service Application in Central Administration.
  2. Enable Project Server License with PowerShell

    You can use the 180 Day Trial key: Y2WC2-K7NFX-KWCVC-T4Q8P-4RG9W

  3. Create a sitecollection for pwa
  4. User PowerShell to enable the pwasite features
    Enable-SPFeature pwasite -Url http://yourSiteCollectionUrl


    What I found is that this activated the PWA Settings but did not change anything in the sitecollection. All the PWA functionality is still missing:


    Because of this I created a PWA site from scatch. You can do this also only with PowerShell.


I deleted the root site collection /

  1. Fire this PowerShell command: New-SPSite http://ps2016/pwa -ContentDatabase “pwa_Content_DB” -OwnerAlias test\sp_install -Name “PWA 2016” -Template “pwa#0” 
  2. The it looks a bit better (greener, then):

  3. Again in PowerShell:
    Enable-SPFeature pwasite -Url http://ps2016/pwa
  4. Finally:

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One Response to Deploy PWA in Project Server 2016 Beta 2

  1. Bismarck says:

    Does not work. SP-EnableFeature throws an exception. “The Project content database extension has not been provisioned for this content database.” This is with the latest Patch Release installed.

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