Surface Pro 3 – noisy fan won’t stop

With Windows 1o the fan of my Surface Pro 3 was mostly running, the device got hot. Actually I did nothing with the Surface. Just sat there, looked at it and the fan went on and on …

I tried mostly all of the solutions I found in newsgroups and blogs. One finally helped.

I installed Adobe Reader. I don’t like it but it seems the IFilter for PDF from Microsoft has some problems with indexing PDF files.

And during the installation from Adobe Reader suddenly the fan slowed down and I can work now without Avatarium on maximum volume.

Let’s see if this will last …


Another problem could also be some wrong permissions in Windows Search Folders. To check open Change Search Behaviour of Windows  (second option in my german screenshot)


and click “Troubleshoot index and search”. Then check all checkboxes. After a quick run you might get this error about permissions:


The last linkt “more information” leads you where to put permissions for NT-Authority/SYSTEM:

It’s C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\. It says nothing about the level of permission, so you have to try it yourself.

I gave it full control and reset the index.

Maybe this one helps:

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