Chinese in SharePoint Recycle Bin

A customer has the following issue in the recycle bin of a specific SharePoint 2010 Website. If you delete a list item the name of it is shown in chinese letters in recycle bin:


This does not happen in any other lists or libraries on this site. You can translate it back to German with Google Translate anyway Smiley

For an administrator who opens the recycle bin on the server itself, no chinese is shown, but only the ID of the item instead the content of the title column.


The items are of Content Type: Element (System). If another new list is created with this content type and an item of this list is deleted all wents fine. See first item in above screenshot.

In this list, Nintex Workflows are setting the permissions. The workflow starts automatically when a new element is created but waits until a field is set to a certain value.

I tested to reconstruct this with a new list and a similar Nintex Workflow. But in a new list the "chinese issue" does not appear, even when a Nintex Workflow is running and waiting.

Any ideas anyone? Google does not help here, nor Bing does.

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3 Responses to Chinese in SharePoint Recycle Bin

  1. alex says:

    I have same problem! Is there any way to solve it? Perhaps someone could advise?

  2. Alan says:

    We’ve got this Chinese Nintex issue,,,, we are using Nintex to build sites with a workflow and when they are deleted they get this Chinese text in the bin!!! anyone works this out let us all know.

  3. Nisha says:

    I am facing this issue this in SharePoint 2013, please share how did you resolve it. I am not even using Nintex.

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