SharePoint Language Pack: Where are my OOTB Workflows?


Let’s say you have a site collection based on an English site template on an English SharePoint Server 2010. You create a Team Site and navigate to the standard library “Shared Documents”.

There you want to add one of those neat OOTB Workflows.


Let’s say “Collect Feedback – SharePoint 2010”


To have this you have the “Workflow” Site Collection Feature to be activated, this is active by default.


Then you create another TeamSite, let’s say in German. And there you try to add the same workflow, but … it is gone, there are all gone, except the “Disposition Workflow”.


The reason was: the German Language Pack has been installed AFTER the site collection has been created. So it seems to me, except the “Disposition Approval” workflow, the features for the other localized workflow templates have not been updated.

A quick look into the 14-Hive\Templates shows that the localized features for the missing workflows are present after installing the German Language Pack.


The feature.xml from the German (1031) one looks good, so why does it not show up in the workflow list box on the TeamSite?


This is weird and I have no explanation for this.

A solution was to deactivate and reactivate the site collection feature “Workflows”, but with this all your running workflows are going to nirvana, so this is no way for a productive environment.

An advice is: install all language packs you’ll ever need in the future at the beginning, before any site collections are created. Uh, I know .. not a “real life” advice …

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One Response to SharePoint Language Pack: Where are my OOTB Workflows?

  1. Jörg Spilker says:

    We had the same problem on our test system. I could solve the problem on the test system, because there are no workflows running.

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