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Several errors while playing with user policy settings

As I am testing the impact of different settings in user policies I came across several errors I would like to share. If you deny “Manage Lists” in “List Permissions” and then want to create a new webiste you get … Continue reading

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Treffen der Hamburger SharePoint Usergroup

Zu unserem Novembertreffen haben wir Herrn Obesser von der Firma Mindjet eingeladen. Herr Obesser wird uns die Integration und Interaktion von Mindmanager mit SharePoint vorstellen. MindManager 9 als visuelles Front-End für SharePoint mit MindManager Explorer für SharePoint: Visualisieren von SharePoint … Continue reading

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SharePoint User Policy and Domain Groups

Scenario: You have to operate a SharePoint web application and you would like to delegate Full Control permissions to your operating team. You create a new security group in your domain (let’s say “SharePoint Operators”) and you want to let … Continue reading

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Windows 7 x64 Blue Screen when resuming VMWare Workstation 6.5.4 VM

Resuming a virtual machine on my Windows 7 x64 always leads to a blue screen. Before I had only 4 GB in my host machine and the guest systems had less than 4 GB RAM. With this no problems with … Continue reading

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SharePoint Search on Filesystem

While I was configuring a new content source für SharePoint Server 2010 Search I was asking myself which permissions on a NTFS drive will SharePoint look after for displaying search results. Directory permissions or file permissions? Or both? I simply … Continue reading

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