Bad SharePoint Day, reconnecting SharePoint 2010 Server with Office Web Apps

Today I had an issue with one server of a 3-Server SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010 farm. One broke down with some registry issues. But I had a VMWare snapshot.

After reverting to that snapshot I tried to get the SharePoint Server back to his farm, but with no luck.

Problem was the Installation of Office Web Applications in the Farm. In the snapshot of the broken server they were not installed yet. So I installed them and started the Config Wizard.

But the wizard told me that

The license state for the current server doesn’t match the farm’s license state.

After a quick search I found that discussion:

which leads me to uninstall Office Web Apps on all servers. But after the uninstall all web applications on all servers were gone! Dunno why.

There was only a weird SITE_2 left, whatever this is, it did not exist before:


So the farm was gone and the config wizard on the reverted server connected to the still existing configuration database and created a new central administration web application.

Back to newly created central administration from 3 servers only the recreated one was left:


So I started the config wizard on the other two missing servers. Project Server was installed on all of them.

Config wizard let me connect to my “existing” farm.


After running the wizard on all 3 servers the farm did run again with project server. But .. some service application did not work anymore. I had to restart and reconfigure most of the services and service applications.

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